Hooray for Oscars! They're the most entertaining--and convenient--way to chat about the films we love. Predictions are therefore primarily for purposes of amusement and discussion. The listed predictions are purely from a fan's perspective and do not reflect the personal choices of the author, although some element of endorsement is inevitable when one says that a contender has what it takes to go all the way. Coverage of the Canadian Screen Awards may be found here.

The gong show shall return in October.

2017 Race
★ Round 1: Show Me a Hero
★ Round 2: Golden Globes and SAG
★ Round 3: Five Categories with Women to Watch
★ Round 4: Final Picks: Will Win/Should Win
★ Recap: Safe, but Sound

2016 Race
★ Round 1: Once More unto the breach
★ Round 2: Golden Globe and SAG Edition
★ Round 3: Another Day of Sun

★2015 Race

Round 1: Where's the Story, Oscar Glory? (Oct. 29)
Round 2: Canucks in Contention: Could 2015 Be Canada's Biggest Year Yet? (Nov. 20)
Round 3: Golden Globes Predictions and Oscar Update (Dec. 8) 
Round 4/5: Hungry Films, but who gets the noms? (Jan. 13)
Round 6: Final Predictions - 'Fasten Your Seatbelts. It's Going to Be a Bumpy Night!'
Recap: Spotlight Wins: Oscar Season End on Much-Needed High Note

★2014 Oscar race
Round 1: Let's Get this Party Started!
Round 2: Could Award Season Revive These Contenders?