Please Give this film a look!

A few weeks ago, my family and I took our annual stroll around the cottage to look at the leaves. (We call it the "Bus Man walk" since there used to be a random bus hidden in the woods that some guys either lived in or used as a hunt camp.) Anyways, while we drove to the walking site (rather than walking there...) I kept cracking up because my mind latched on to a recurring joke in Please Give. Throughout the film, various New Yorkers mention what a treat it will be to drive out of the city and see the leaves.When the joke surfaced in my own life, I couldn't help but recall the spot-on satire of Nicole Holofcener's film.

Without getting into too much detail, I have nothing but praise for Please Give. A sharp, witty look at the contemporary neuroses of the middle-upper class, Please Give is just as smart and funny as any New York set comedy that Woody Allen delivered during the peak of his career. It also features a stellar ensemble cast, headlined by Catherine Keener in one of her best performances, and with notable supporting work by Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall. The film made its DVD debut today, so please give it a look: it's the best comedy so far this year!