Save Your Quarters!

Tron: Legacy ★★
(USA, 127 min)
 Dir: Joseph Kosinski; Writ: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Starring: Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen
This will just be a quick review since I lost so many brain cells whilst watching Tron: Legacy. The film is immediately impressive due to its nifty visual scheme (aside from the digitally rendered Jeff Bridges – that just looks creepy). After a while, however, the neon lights of Tron: Legacy becomes a lot like the flashy lights of Las Vegas: They provide a cheap thrill at first, but they soon lose their appeal and one realizes that they’re simply an attempt to hide the superficiality of it all.

One doesn’t enter a movie like Tron: Legacy expecting heavy substance and revelatory performances. One does, however, expect to be entertained, and Tron: Legacy fails miserably in that regard. With it's sub-par action sequences, it’s just plain boring; it basically amounts to watching a video game, and anyone who’s done that knows how fun it is.

I did, however, enjoy the funky techno score by Daft Punk. Rather than waste ten bucks on the price of admission, a far better idea would be to simply buy the soundtrack, and stay home and crank it to eleven while playing Mario Kart with some friends. Aside from that, I mostly appreciate Tron because it helped me meet my quota of negative reviews – oy!