Jimmy Waver!

I can't believe that I never thought to search for this on YouTube, but a random thought led me to look this gem up on everybody's favourite procrastination website. If you have never seen Jimmy Waver, you don't know what you're missing! This short film was made in 2002 by Darren Doyle, and it happens to have the greatest shooting location ever: Norway Bay, home of my family's cottage. Jimmy Waver stars Norm Loftus (his cottage is just down the street!) as Jimmy, the friendliest man in the bay, as he goes about sharing his trademark waves and some cottage country cheer with the locals.

Take a look:

P.S. When reading the credits, I was thrilled to see that Jimmy Waver is based "on the theory of Dogme 35." (who ever thought that Dogville and Norway Bay would go hand in hand? Lol!)
P.P.S: There's also another Norway Bay gem: Mulligan!