A Short Look at New Canadian Talent!

I can't believe that I forgot to mention this last week, but the CBC will be airing short films by filmmakers from the Canadian Film Centre every Saturday during April. The shorts give a sneak peek at some of the emerging talent within the Canadian movie scene. It's also worth tuning in simply for the fact that short films are quite difficult to see unless you catch them at a festival. Each film airs on CBC at Midnight.

I'm sad to say that last week was actually How to Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You!, directed by Nadia Litz and starring Sarah Allen & Joe Cobden (he can now be seen in Source Code). I've been noting my enthusiasm for the film since TIFF last fall, and it disappoints me that I failed to give you all a heads up. Maybe they'll rerun it again?
Kill Brass
Up this week (Apr 10) is Kill Brass, which is also quite good. It's about an assassin whose mission backfires (har) when his target turns out not to be such an easy mark. Kill Brass is a taut and gritty production directed by Michel Kandinsky. The film stars Graham Abbey, part of the superb ensemble of this year's A Wake.

Up next on the 17th is Transmission, which I have not yet seen and look forward to, and Champagne  on April 24, which I reviewed with How to Rid Your Lover... at TIFF.

Tune in support your local talent before they flee to Hollywood!