Albert Nobbs Trailer!

The trailer for Glenn Close's Oscar vehicle Albert Nobbs has arrived (via Yahoo!). I saw the film at TIFF and  really liked it  (ie: ★★★), giving special praise to both Close's performance and that of her co-star Janet McTeer. Close stars as Albert Nobbs, a butler who is really a woman using the disguise to make her way through high society. As much as I immediately admired Close's work after seeing the film at the festival, her understated and humble performance looks all the more remarkable to me now that I'm halfway through seeing her ferocious work as Patty Hewes in Season 3 of Damages

As the story goes, Nobbs is Close's passion project - she's spent years working to bring the role to the screen since she starred in the play during the 1980's. Keep an eye out for Nobbs, as the trailer gives a good hint at what to expect: the tone, pace, and manner of the film are all there. I'll admit, I had no idea that it was a comedy before I saw it, and was initially thrown off. ('A comedy of manners', maybe?). Anyways, take a peek at will surely be one of the performances to watch come January: