Cameras set to Roll on 'Old Stock'

Karen LeBlanc in CFC's Nurse.Fighter.Boy
Good news! Principle photography begins next week on Old Stock, the 18th feature film produced and financed by the Canadian Film Centre (CFC). Shooting takes place in Toronto from November 8 to November 30, 2011.This is exciting, since the last of CFC's Features, Nurse.Fighter.Boy is one of those Canadian films that you really must-see!

Starring Noah Reid (Score:A Hockey Musical), Melanie Leishman (“Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”), Danny Wells (Magnolia, Textuality) and Corrine Conley (”Days of Our Lives”), OLD STOCK will be directed by James Genn, from a screenplay by Dane Clark (whose short, Long Branch, recently won Best LiveAction Short at the Calgary International Film Festival), produced by Geordie Sabbagh and co-produced by Derek Rappaport. The feature will be executive produced by Justine Whyte, Director, CFC Features.

OLD STOCK is the story of 19 year-old STOCK BURTON (Noah Reid), who became a legend after he was involved in a car accident his small town has never forgotten.  Unable to deal with the consequences of the crash, Stock chose to retire, by dropping out of life and joining his recently separated Grandfather, HAROLD (Danny Wells), at the Golden Seasons senior’s home.  After two years of crokinole playing, pipe smoking and blissful denial of his problems, Stock is forced to return to reality.  Outside the safety of Golden Seasons, Stock’s past quickly catches up with him and he  must finally face DAHLIA (Meghan Heffern, “Blue Mountain State”), the person who suffered most of all.  With the help of PATTI (Melanie Leishman), a cute girl with a quick temper and a criminal record, Stock learns to look life in the eye, accept its imperfections and re-open his heart for a chance to move on.

Alumnus Dane Clark (‘08) first work-shopped OLD STOCK through the CFC’s Writer’s Lab in 2008, with the goal of applying to CFC Features.  That goal has now been met with the film having been developed and to be produced through the program. The script was also selected as one of the winners of the 2009 Praxis Screenwriting Competition.  CFC alumni James Genn (‘03) and Geordie Sabbagh (‘08) will help bring Dane’s script to the big screen as director and producer, with Derek Rappaport rounding out the production team. Serving as editor will be CFC alumnus Kye Meechan (’08).

Designed to help filmmakers at various levels of their career, CFC Features gives writers, directors and producers the opportunity to advance their scripts and produce their film to achieve maximum critical and commercial success. Looking to invest in filmmakers from across Canada with engaging stories for the big screen, CFC Features offers filmmakers unparalleled support from development through to distribution. Established in 1992, CFC Features acts as Executive Producer, overseeing and providing up to 100% of the financing and mentorship needed for the successful development, production and marketing of dramatic feature films. Boasting an impressive 44 films developed and 17 features produced, CFC Features has afforded more than 100 writers, producers and directors from across Canada, the opportunity to hone their skills and prove their creative talents.
The films of CFC Features have registered successes on both critical and commercial levels, with several titles also having cultural impact.  Our films have screened at more than 75 of the world’s most prestigious festivals; including renowned venues such as: Cannes, Sundance, Mannheim-Heidelberg, Shanghai, Berlin and the Toronto International Film Festival.  Sales and distribution in territories across the globe have been equally impressive. Titles include: BLOOD & DONUTS, CUBE, RUDE, THE UNCLES, KHALED, 19 MONTHS, SIBLINGS, THE DARK HOURS and NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY.
Applications for new film projects with CFC Features are currently being accepted until November 25. To learn more and apply, please visit cfccreates.com/features
CFC Features is supported by Citytv and Entertainment One; Development supported by Government of Ontario; Production supported by The Movie Network and Movie Central; International Sales and Canadian distribution to be handled by Entertainment One Canada.

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