New 'Iron Lady' Trailer

Twitter is a flurry with tweets about the new trailer for The Hunger Games, but as I mentioned, I pretty much looks like Battle Royale with Jennifer Lawrence. (That's not necessarily a bad thing.) However, the new trailer for The Iron Lady was released as well, and I think it's much more worthy of a post. This long awaited Margaret Thatcher biopic has long been presumed a Best Actress hopeful for Meryl Streep, but then the Weintstein Company threw a wrench in Oscar pundits plans by pushing the release of the film from December 16 to December 30th. My assumption is that they simply want to create more distance from their other Best Actress hopeful Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn. (And I'm personally quite happy with the delay of Streep's film since my family Christmas party is scheduled for the 17th, and it would have been awkward to skip the festivities to see Meryl on opening night!)

Streep's perf as Margie Thatcher certainly looks good, but I have a few reservations about the film itself. It seems to have an odd tone, although it's always hard to tell from the trailer. Only time will tell!