Must-See Double-Bill of Canuck Classic!

Kathleen Robertson and Doug McGrath in Down the Road Again
Starting this Sunday, the Mayfair Theatre (Bank St. location) has a must-see double bill for Canadian film buffs. The theatre will be playing Don Shebib’s 1970 Canuck landmark Goin’ Down the Road, along with this year’s sequel Down the Road Again. Goin’ Down the Road is essential for anyone who gives a hoot about Canadian film. Arguably the quintessential “cheap Canadian movie,” Goin’ Down the Road proved a major milestone for representing Canadians onscreen. People took notice of the small little movie and it seemed like our industry was on the road to success. Forty years later, Down the Road Again continues the story of Pete and Joey, yet it is still a rare treat to see movies made by Canadians in Canadian theatres. (Case in point, when TIFF announced Canada’s Top Ten last week, they included David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, which won’t hit Canadian screens until January despite the fact that it opened in New York three weeks ago.)

Nevertheless, auds should see the two Road movies together simply because they’re good stuff. It’s pretty hard to come across Goin’ Down the Road on DVD, so one may as well take advantage of seeing it on the big screen, especially with a theatre of Canadian film fans. I reviewed Down the Road Again in October, calling it a worthy follow-up to the granddaddy of Canadian film. However, I think you’ll also find the critical blurb on the Mayfair’s website equally persuasive.

Goin Down the Road plays Sunday. Dec. 11 at 3:15 and Tuesday. Dec. 13 at 8:45
Down the Road Again plays Sunday Dec. 11 at 5, Monday Dec. 12 at 6:30, and Tuesday. Dec. 13 at 7