Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! In the spirit of the year's (second) most commercial holiday, 2011's most 'romantic' film, Take Shelter, comes to DVD/Blu-ray today. Making my Top Ten lists for both the best films of the year and the best performances for Michael Shannon's powerhouse/Oscar-robbed turn (Jessica Chastain's performance would have made the list, too, if she wasn't already there for The Help), Take Shelter is one of the few genuinely great films of last year. Although it's a true 'must have', I might be worried if your Valentine gets you this instead of a box of chocolates. And if talk comes to marriage and Melancholia, you know you're in trouble.

And speaking of Oscar snubs, this song by Ben Nichols really should have been acknowledged, but The Randy Newman Fan Club mucked it up...as always.