Mad Men is Back!

Saw this clip from Sunday's premiere of "Mad Men" over at Awards Daily and thought I'd share. I thought Sunday's return of "Mad Men" was great and worth the wait of the seventeen-month hiatus. I think what really worked best about this double episode was how well the show integrated both Don's home and his workplace. In the past four seasons, Don's public and private life have been very separate; however, Sunday showed how these worlds come together after Don's spur-of-moment marriage to his exotic Canadian secretary, Megan (played by Montreal native Jessica Paré). Anyways, the highlight of the premiere occurred during Don's 40th birthday party. It was a surprise party thrown by Megan, which included the bigger surprise of a sexy cabaret number by the new Mrs. Draper. Proof that it's sometimes good not to mix business with pleasure:

How much did you enjoy Sunday's "Mad Men"?