CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival Announces Lineup

The new NFB short Big Mouth is one of 244 films playing at WSFF 201
The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) unveiled the programming and film selections for the 2012 edition of the annual Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) today! It looks like there are plenty of short little goodies headed to Toronto soon. Taking place June 5-10, WSFF offers 244 short films from 35 countries and a mix of live-action, animation, documentary, and experimental films alike. It’s a great chance to see some films that one might not have the chance to see otherwise; additionally, WSFF is a good way to get a head start on your award predictions for next year, since the festival is one of the few festivals where winners become eligible for Academy Awards and the awards formerly known as Genies. (It’s the shorts that usually make or break an Oscar score sheet!)

There is a mix of the old and the new in the programming of #wsff12. Back again is the opening night gala Award Winners From Around the World, which kicks off the festival with a handful of the most prestigious and acclaimed shorts of 2012. Date Night is also back after being one of the festival highlights in 2011 – see some movies with the one you love at the CN Tower and then discuss them over dessert! (How romantic!) Also returning is the music video series Scene Not Herd, which lets festival goers get their groove on before moseying on over to the best party in town. New this year is a pair of outdoor screenings, Christmas in June and Shorts for Shorties: Flick-Nic. The only thing better than enjoying some films in the warm summer air is the fact that these screenings are free – yes, FREE! And the only thing better than outdoor screenings is a Master Class with acclaimed filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée (Café de Flore) as part of the BIG Ideas Symposium.

Here is the full list of programmes for the 2012 Worldwide Short Film Festival:

Dripped is one of the award winners that opens the fest.
Pop the champagne and don your fancy pants, it’s time to put your best foot forward and walk the red carpet in celebration of this past year’s most renowned and acclaimed short films from around the globe.

See Emmanuel Béart in Withing Love as part of the Official Selection program "Creative Control"
Presented in 12 programs, the best short films from every corner of the world are represented in the Official Selection. These films push buttons, boundaries and elevate the art of short filmmaking to new heights. Made by the trailblazers, the originals and the masters of their craft, these shorts are sure to light up the screen with their originality, beauty and finesse.

Michael Fassbender in Pitch Black Heist, a highlight of "Celebrity Shorts"
Easily (and obviously) our most star-studded line-up of the year, Celebrity Shorts is back and better than ever. Always a festival crowd pleaser, we’ve rounded up a veritable who’s who of some of the most talented people working in film and television today and put them into one big, enjoyable evening! Among the A-listers in this year’s fest are Michael Fassbender, Anna Paquin, and Dame Judi Dench.

Lisa Jackson's Parkdale is one of four productions from the CFC.
Here’s your chance to see the works of the 2011 CFC Short Dramatic Film Program in one complete sitting. Representing four distinct stories and voices from some of today’s brightest emerging storytellers, the CFC Short Dramatic Film Program is not to be missed.

Margo Lily - another reason to attend the free screening of "Christmas in June"
Feeling that yuletide withdrawal? Not to worry! We’ve collected a special stocking stuffer of short films that will put you in the holiday spirit, no matter how high the thermometer gets. Fruitcake not included.

Feel the love on "Date Night" with films like I Could've Been a Hooker
Forget speed dating. Come and see people fall in and out of love again and again. Take a trip around the world with unexpected encounters, eternal promises and intimate moments. Love truly knows no bounds or boundaries in this eclectic collection of shorts that redefine romance.

Big John's Breakfast Croissant Sandwich 1 serves up "Shorts & Giggles"
Toronto’s hottest comedians come together for an evening of live comedy and short films that’s sure to bust a few guts! From Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to Ancient Egypt, and everywhere in between, this night promises to be chock full of jokes you won’t want to miss.

Reviewed during OIAF, Mulvar is Correct Candidate! is a reason to see "Laughter Without Borders"
This year’s comedy offering serves up a healthy dose of confused identity, bumbling Irish bank robbers, politicians caught up in their own spin, scrabble games gone to hell and a hammered underage drinker. Get ready to lose your mind laughing!

Rabbid is one of many films that'll keep you up all night after "The Night Shift"
Pull an all-nighter in a dark room full of strangers while the rest of the world sleeps. Presented in three parts, indulge in four hours of depraved insanity. A midnight movie marathon for those who dare, but whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.

Fleet Foxes' The Shrine/ An Argument appears on the "Scene Not Herd" playlist
The 9th edition of the ever-popular Scene Not Herd program is back with a snapshot of the most theatrical music videos being produced around the world today. Leave the iPod at home and sit back for the ultimate onscreen playlist.

Films like Sedare are for sci-fi fans who like films that are "Out There"
Hold on tight time travelers! Grab a seat and shuttle back and forth in time through the magic of storytelling. Time may stand still for an alien abduction and spreading infections, but when the clock resumes, it’s in reverse – back to the 80s, the American Civil War and the Viking age. Who knows how far the rabbit hole will take you…

A sequel to last year's Audience Award winner, The Gruffalo's Child plays at "Flick-Nic"
Family members young and old will love this day at the park with a series of enchanting shorts to serve as the perfect backdrop to your day together. Relax and sit back with this collection of whimsical shorts that will bring to life all the things you love most about spending a day outside.

Kids young and old will enjoy films like The Little Bird and the Leaf in "Shorts for Shorties".
Pack your bags and voyage near and far, for adventures big and small, in this collection of animated shorts that will take you on all sorts of journeys from rollercoaster rides to intergalactic space travel!

Cougar Lesbians Go to College is part of the raunchy fun of "Slap 'N' Tickle".
WSFF gets down and dirty with the most NSFW program to hit the festival. In an evening filled with penises and popsicles, cougar lesbians, and hot babes with guitars, this year’s most scandalous shorts are sure to heat things up and tickle your funny boner.

The doc Good Bye Mandima is one of many Swiss films in the "Spotlight"
Presented in two programs, this year’s country spotlight presents just a sample of the filmmaking talent that keeps the Swiss film scene ripe with culture and creativity.

Rubicon displays the latest in animation from "Studio Film Bilder".
This program shines the spotlight on eight award-winning, groundbreaking shorts from the celebrated Studio Film Bilder animation house. They blend traditional and cutting edge technologies to produce some of the world’s best-loved short animated works. 

The "Film School Spotlight" offers films like Dennis by up-and-comers.
What happens when you combine anarchist values with boundless creativity? Super 16, that’s what! Founded in Copenhagen in 1999, Super 16 is a student-run film school operated without administration. The results are unbelievable production values, exceptional writing, and one-of-a-kind characters and stories that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Jean-Marc Vallée, director of Café de Flore (pictured), offers a Master Class.
The Short Films: BIG Ideas Symposium is a four-day conference on the art and business of short filmmaking. This year’s big ticket is a master class with renowned filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y., Café de Flore). Returning for its sophomore presentation is the Feedback Loop, a rare opportunity for select filmmakers to get advice on their work from a panel of professionals and experts. Other highlights are panel discussions and power hours on a range of topics including: funding & crowd sourcing, the festival selection process, and translating a story from page to screen. The WSFF Symposium is a must-do event for any serious filmmaker.

Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 runs from June 5 to June 10.
See www.shorterisbetter.com for the full list of films, screening schedules, and ticket information.