A Second Take on 'Waltz'

I revisited Take This Waltz last night at The Bytowne. I saw the film back at TIFF in September on one great, crazy day of festivalgoing. The film stayed in my mind throughout the year and got a small mention in my thesis, which was inspired by an article on Polley's adaptation Away from Her, and most recently popped up on my list of the best films so far this year. Take This Waltz is a film that holds up to repeat viewings and offers greater rewards the second time around. Michelle Williams' performance as Margot fares especially well with a double take: Margot is, admittedly, a difficult character to sympathize with, but the actress beautifully conveys Margot’s complex restlessness. Thanks to Willams, the other actors (including Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby and Silverman) and the crew members (especially cinematographer Luc Montpelier), Take This Waltz offers an unconventional and astonishingly human exploration of the inevitable messiness of love.What I liked best about Polley's film the first time - the Srambler scene - holds up even better as the film's ulitmate realization of the tricky pangs of love: as Margot immerses herself in the dazzling light show set to the tune of 'Video Killed the Radio Star', Polley pulls the plug from Margot's fantasy and brings the ride back to life's shabby, grey disappointment. It's just beautiful.

 I want to ride Take This Waltz again and again.