WSFF Goes on Hiatus

WSFF announces its hiatus
The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival has announced that it is going on hiatus. I'm very sorry to hear about this sad news. The festival was founded in 1994 and has since become North America's largest festival and marketplace for short film. In addition to being an ideal place for emerging filmmakers to network, learn, and share their work, WSFF is/was one of several festivals accredited with the Academy, so winners could see their careers change as they wnet on to be eligible for Oscars in the Live Action Short and Animated Short categories. (On that note, The Factory and The Maker are the ones to watch.) This is particularly sad news as I just posted a rave review for CFC's TIFF-bound short Frost. Additionally, WSFF was the first festival to grant me accreditation. It allowed me to discover and review some great films that I would never see elsewhere. Here's my list of favourites from this year's fest and if you think that films like Withering Love, Margo Lily, and Kali the Little Vampire deserve a platform, please join me in thanking WSFF for offering such a great platform to the art of short film.