Help Make it Happen for 'I Put a Hit On You'

It's hard out there for Canadian filmmakers. But thanks to crowd-funding campaigns like Indiegogo, you can help give the green light to budding independent filmmakers. One campaign that deserves some support is I Put a Hit on You, the new film from writers/directors/lovers Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart. I Put a Hit on You is a dark romantic comedy about a woman (Sarah Canning) who posts a hit on her boyfriend (Aaron Ashmore) on Craig’s List, but then has second thoughts. The couple then joins up to stop the killer and confront their troubled relationship. Hit is Clark and Stewart’s first feature together after their successful shorts Long Branch and Margo Lily. (You can watch Margo Lily on the CBC's Canadian Reflections, if you want a test drive.) I stumbled upon Margo Lily at WSFF this year and was wowed by impact the filmmakers made in a mere eight minutes. (Review here.) Margo Lily nabbed my pick as the Best Canadian Short at WSFF, so I can personally vouch that this filmmaking team can deliver on your investment. (And, if not, you can put a hit on me.)

The campaign has 12 days left. Don’t put a hit on Canadian talent! Contribute to the project via the Indiegogo  thing embedded below: