Reminder: Canada's Top Ten at TIFF

Geneviève Bujold and James Cromwell in Still. Photo by Ken Woroner.
The Toronto International Film Festival offered its list of the Top Ten Canadian features and short films back in December, so here is a friendly reminder that you can see the best of our national cinema when the series begins tomorrow at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. It's a strong list, as I wrote last month, so make sure to check off as many titles as you can. Additionally, some of the titles overlap with my own picks for 'Canada's Top Ten', which you can see here.

The series kicks off with Michael McGowan's Still (pictured). One of the titles that has yet to be released theatrically, Still is one of the CT10 films I'd like to see. (I'm kicking myself for leaving Toronto early now that Genevieve Bujold is supposed to be attending the Friday screening.) Also worth noting is a discussion with Sarah Polley on her excellent film Stories We Tell, plus the short films, which you probably won't see anywhere else. Finally, make sure to use this chance to squeeze in a screening of Rebelle if you have not done so, since it's Canada's Oscar contender--correction, shortlisted Oscar contender.

The schedule goes as follows:

-Friday, Jan. 4:
     8pm - Still

-Saturday, Jan. 5:
     12:30 pm - Still
     3:30 pm - Mavericks: Sarah Polley
     5:30 pm - Stories We Tell (review)
     8:00 pm - Laurence Anyways (Suzanne Clement makes the year's best performances)

-Sunday, Jan. 6:
     12:00 pm - Laurence Anyways (review)
     3:30 pm - Stories We Tell (review)
     7:00 pm - Shorts programme A
     9:30 pm - Shorts programme B

-Monday, Jan. 7:
     9:30 pm - Goon (review)

-Tuesday, Jan. 8:
     4:00 pm - Goon (review)
     7:30 pm - Rebelle (review)

-Wednesday, Jan. 9:
    4:00 pm - Rebelle (review)
    7:30 pm - The World Before Her (review)

-Thursday, Jan. 10:
    4:00 pm - The World Before Her (review)
    6:30 pm - Midnight's Children (review)

-Friday, Jan. 11:
    3:00 pm - Midnight's Children (review)
    9:30 pm - Cosmopolis (review)

-Saturday, Jan. 12:
     12:30 pm - Cosmopolis (review)
     6:45 pm - The End of Time
     9:45 pm - My Awkward Sexual Adventure

-Sunday, Jan. 13:
     12:30 pm - The End of Time
     3:30 pm - My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay in Toronto as long as I hoped to in the New Year, but I'll catch the films when Canada's Top Ten comes to Ottawa. Please let me know what films you see!

Please visit www.tiff.net/topten for more details and for prices.