Short Film: 'Stronghearted'

Fans of Canada’s Oscar finalist Rebelle with surely want to watch Stronghearted, the new short film released by the National Film Board of Canada. Like the tale of Komona in Rebelle, Stornghearted is the story of a young girl named Evelyn Amony who was born into a militant life at a young age. At twelve years old, Evelyn was kidnapped by Joseph Kony, the leader of Uganada’s militant Lord’s Resistance Army. She was then raped by Kony and forced to become one of his wives. Evelyn endured her abuser for eleven years until she escaped. Evelyn’s story is now the subject of a documentary, directed by Jodie Martinson, which pairs Evelyn’s testimony with unique animation by Kunal Sen to visualize the horror she endured. Stronghearted is a beautiful, moving story about finding hope and meaning from a brutal chapter of history. Martinson hopes to continue Evelyn’s story into a feature-length documentary. You can hear Martinson’s radio documentary “To Have and to Hold” on CBC’s The Current.

Stronghearted streams for free from the NFB: