Teaser for 'That Burning Feeling'

Ingrid Haas and Paulo Costanzo star in That Burning Feeling
The Canadian titles for TIFF are set to be announced on August 7th and one Canuck comedy  I’m itchin’ to see is the indie rom-com That Burning Feeling. A teaser was just released, so hopefully the buzz will spread like gonorrhea. (But in a good way...) The teaser was presented at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and debuted online at the film's Facebook page.

Described as a ‘romantic comedy about the least romantic thing possible,’ That Burning Feeling puts Adam (Paulo Costanzo, “Royal Pains”) on an awkward adventure after a one-night stand leaves him with an unwanted souvenir. As director Jason James says, “That Burning Feeling is about love, that thing you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to try, and a strange mystery infection. It’s a romantic comedy with a little more sting to it.” This bold, hilarious, and unconventionally sweet film also stars Ingrid Haas (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Emily Hampshire (My Awkward Sexual Adventure), Tyler Labine (“Breaker High”) and John Cho (Star Trek Into Darkness). That Burning Feeling was written by Nicolas Citton based on a story by Jason James and Nicolas Citton.

That Burning Feeling is a supported project of the Canadian Film Centre’s inaugural Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab, chaired by Eugene Levy, with production support from Telefilm Canada, The Movie Network, Movie Central, British Columbia Film + Media, Search Engine Films, Joker Films, and Productivity Media. That Burning Feeling is expected to enjoy a spring 2014 theatrical release following a run on the fall festival circuit.

Synopsis: Adam Murphy had it all: a great job, an endless parade of gorgeous women, and the charm to make it all look well-earned. One night, he went to bed with everything he ever wanted and woke up with something no-one ever wants... That Burning Feeling.

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