World Exchange Empire 7 Closing?

The Ottawa Sun reports that the World Exchange Empire 7 cinema is indeed closing. This notice adds some finality to what was largely assumed in the past few months as the theatre hung in limbo following Empire's announcement in June that it was pulling out of the movie theatre business.The closure of the World Exchange isn't much of a surprise since the cinema's lease was up at the end of the year regardless and it was assumed that the theatre would shut down once the new multiplex went in at Lansdowne. The Lansdowne theatre is still a question mark itself, as previous reports have omitted mention of which company will take over the site since Empire is no longer in on the deal. (Cineplex is set to take over other Empire theatres, including the Kanata 24, which was sold to Empire from AMC only last summer. The Empire Orleans will be assumed by Landmark Cinemas.) The Sun article notes that a tenant is still expected to assume the Lansdowne site, but who it is remains a question mark.

The closure of the World Exchange is a pretty sad move, though, since this news means that there will be  zero multi-screen theatres in downtown Ottawa if Lansdowne falls through. (There is the Rainbow Cinema at St. Laurent, but it's mostly second runs.) Empire closed its location at the Rideau Centre last year. The only remaining central theatres are the ByTowne and the Mayfair cinemas, which have one screen apiece. We're still lucky to have the two movie houses, though, since they're the two best places to see films in town! But Ottawans who don't like art house, indies, and alternative films will have to trek out to the 'burbs to see Hollywood's latest. The better idea, I think, is to keep the local folks in business. They show the better movies, anyways.

From The Sun:
The theatre at the World Exchange Plaza could be converted to office space if the owner can’t find another movie company interested in the lease.
Empire Theatres has indicated it won’t renew its lease, which expires Dec. 31. The company, which also has plans for a theatre at Lansdowne Park, is getting out of the movie business....