2013 Ottawa International Film Festival Line-up!

Michelle Monaghan and Michael Keaton in Penthouse North
Festember continues! After seeing all that the world has to offer at festivals like TIFF and OIAF, it only seems fitting to bring the festival circuit full circle with a mix of international films and films shot in one’s own backyard. This year’s Ottawa International Film Festival, now moved to October from its previous time slot of late August, brings a mix of local and global films to Ottawa. (The fest is becoming noticeably more “international” as it grows.) Among the highlights of this year’s programme are two locally shot films: Crook, the latest film from local director Adrian Langley, is probably the best bet of the festival, while Penthouse North, an American thriller starring Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan, offers festivalgoers a taste of Hollywood films being shot in the 613. The event begins with an opening night gala/party on October 2, followed by three days of screenings. The full schedule is as follows:

Thursday, October 3:

Dir. Adrian Langley, Canada, World Premiere
Starring: Adam Beach, Leah Gibson, Larry Day, Jon McLaren
Synopsis: Ottawa filmmaker Adrian Langley, OIFF 2011 winner for the festival hit A Violent State, returns with a another dark and gritty crime drama.

Screens with the short film The Game Changer (Dir. Peter Dillon, Sally Clelford)

Friday, October 4:

Much Ado About Knotting
Dir. Geetika Narang Abbasi, Anandana Kapur; India, Canadian Premiere
Synopsis: Born into a society obsessed with marriages, a young girl, a not-so-young man and an NRI couple are compelled by tradition to look for matches via classifieds, matchmaking bureaus and websites.

Screens with the short film Vinyl Hearts (John Petti, Tim Clark)

Fire in the Blood
Dir. Dylan Gray, USA, Ottawa Premiere
Documentary, narrated by William Hurt
Synopsis: An intricate tale of "medicine, monopoly and malice", Fire in the Blood tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the countries of the global south in the years after 1996 - causing ten million or more unnecessary deaths - and the improbable group of people who decided to fight back.

Screens with the short film Bliss (Dir. Amanda Sage)

Saturday, October 5:

It’s All About Me
Dir. Antoine Gaber, Canada, Ottawa Premiere
Synopsis: This documentary examines the inflated sense of entitlement among youth, it's consequences and the solutions for a better future.

Screens with the short film Got is Tott (Dir. Chris Chitaroni)

Penthouse North
Dir. Joseph Ruben, USA, Canadian Premiere
Starring: Michelle Monaghan, Michael Keaton,
Synopsis: A reclusive photojournalist lives quietly in a New York penthouse, until a smooth but sadistic criminal looking for a hidden fortune enters her life.

Screens with the short film The Depths (Dir. Derek Price)

Sunday, October 6
Music Video Challenge

Please visit www.oiff.ca  and the OIFF Facebook page for updates on venues and show times. Tickets to this year’s festival may be purchased here.

See you at the festival!