'Empire of Dirt' Trailer

Lena (Cara Gee) in Empire of Dirt.
Photo by Jason Jenkins. Courtesy of Mongrel Media.
A trailer has landed for Peter Stebbins' Empire of Dirt. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September where it earned a special citation from the Canadian film jury for its compelling story of three women reconciling the ghosts of the past. The film features a trio of strong performances from Cara Gee, Shay Eyre, and Jennifer Podemski (who also produced the film) as the mothers and daughter of this multi-generational tale. (Gee easily gives the best performance in any Canadian film I've seen this year.) I reviewed Empire of Dirt during the festival and found much to praise about it, especially the performances, although it might be the first of all the TIFF films I saw that I want to revisit. (The final screening of a four film day is often difficult.) Empire of Dirt opens in select cities November 22nd. The ByTowne tweeted that they're playing it in December, so please check back for exact dates and come see it with me then.