'Labor Day' Trailer

We have a trailer for Labor Day! Jason Reitman's adaptation of the novel by Joyce Maynard is a true departure from his body of work, and arguably his best film yet. This exciting new look at Labor Day hints at the dark tone that Reitman handles so delicately--and expertly--and it showcases the excellent performances by Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, and Gattlin Griffith that are sure to be remembered as some of the year's best. I caught Labor Day when it premiered at TIFF in September, giving the film 5 stars (review here) and naming it 'Best of the Fest'. Chances are mighty good that Mr. Reitman will have a high seat on the list for the best films of the year, too.

UPDATE: A second trailer was released later today. It's different and offers some of that great 'peach pie scene', so I've posted it after the jump.

Labor Day opens December 25th. (Can't wait to see it again!)