Contest: Win Passes to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum!

We have some free tickets to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum up for grabs, courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada, if you’re looking for some fun stuff to do with friends and/or family over the holidays. (Passes offer free admission for “up to 2 adults and 3 children.”) All you have to do to enter is watch the space-themed short below and answer the following question:

In Invasion of the Space Lobsters (see below), which familiar text does Brad recognize in space lobsters’ translation device?

a) A poem by Margaret Atwood
b) A news story about the Challenger explosion
c) His mother’s recipe for butter poached lobster
d) The instructions for assembling the family barbeque

Send your answer along with your full mailing address to contests@cinemablographer.com with the subject “Aviation”.
Contest closes Monday, December 23rd at 9:00 am.

Bonus entries go to anyone who retweets this contest on Twitter and/or likes/shares it on Facebook.

Happy landings!