Hot Docs Coverage at Point of View (Updated)

Caroll  Spinney,  left,  on  location  with  Kermit  Love,  right, 
who  built  the  original Big  Bird puppet from  a  design  created  by  Jim  Hens
I'll be contributing some reviews over at Point of View Magazine during Hot Docs, so I'll post the links as they come in. Give them a follow for up-to-date coverage!

*Added May 11:
 *Review: From the Bottom of the Lake
 *Review:  Sacro GRA
 *Review: What is Left?
 *Review: Divide in Concord
-Review: I am Big Bird: The Carrol Spinney Story
-Review: Meet the Patels
-Review: An Honest Liar
-Review: Marinoni
-Review: Gun Porn 
-Review: Happiness
-Review: Kung Fu Elliot
-Review: See No Evil
-Review: The Sheik
-Review: Write Down, I am an Arab
-Review: The Writer with No Hands 

-And that's all!