Three Clips from Xavier Dolan's Cannes Contender 'Mommy'

Photo: Shane Laverdière
Les Films Séville has released three clips for Xavier Dolan's Cannes contender Mommy, which has been causing a firestorm of rave reviews since it premiered today, including an A from The Playlist and 4 stars from the grumpy Guardian. Mommy could be Canada's best shot at the Palme, although Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars has a strong share of enthusiastic reviews. The clips show off the unusual and Instagrammy 1:1 ratio of the film and give a taste of Dolan's signature visual flair, but you'll have to jump to clip 3 for a snippet of the performances. The film stars Anne Dorval (I Killed My Mother), Suzanne Clément (Laurence Anyways), and Antoine-Olivier Pilon (also Laurence Anyways). No word yet on a release for   Mommy. Dolan's Venice/TIFF hit Tom at the Farm is only just hitting theatres now.

Clips and synopsis after the jump:

Synopsis: In a fictional Canada, a new law allows distressed parents to abandon their troubled children to the hospital system. Diane “Die” Despres, a feisty widow, tries to cope with Steve, her wild yet charismatic ADHD son. While they both try to make ends meet, Kyla, a mysterious neighbour, offers her help. As Kyla’s heart-warming presence becomes increasingly intense, questions emerge about her own mysterious life, and the way her destiny may ultimately be linked to that of Steve and Die.

Clip 1: Groceries

Clip 2: "Colorblind"

Clip 3: Mommy