Canadian Film Review Signs Off

The Sweet Hereafter
It's sad to see a peer on the Canadian film scene move on. Canadian Film Review, perhaps the most enthusiastic champion for Canuck cinema on the web, is signing off. Editor-in-chief Kindah Mardam Bey offers her farewell--and fittingly titled--post 'The Sweet Hereafter' and notes the invaluable success CFR has contributed in terms of creating exposure and connecting Canadian films with Canadian audiences:

This decision comes at a high point for the Canadian Film Review. After developing a successful publication, TV show and web series, the CFR has not only accomplished what it set out to do, but it shattered myths that these types of things could not be done. We are extremely popular with Canadian audiences. I am so incredibly proud of what my team and I have accomplished. We have proven that Canadians love Canadian content and there is an audience out there for it. This is groundbreaking in the eyes of the entertainment industry but it isn’t enough. 
(The post makes some necessary observations on the state of Canadian film and is worth reading in full here.)

CFR closes by asking its running question, "What was the last great Canadian film you saw?" Interestingly enough, my answer to that is probably one of the most recent Canadian films I reviewed here, The Grand Seduction. I say 'interesting' because The Grand Seduction, for all its faults, is a highly entertaining and broad comedy that could enjoy a wide appeal. It probably marks the first and only time that I've seen a Canadian movie in theatres with multiple family members, and its appeal hints at the Canadian film scene's ability to become commercially viable. But that, as we know, isn't enough. It takes exposure and support.

The Grand Seduction has both of those, though, since it's enjoying both one of the widest releases and one of the most aggressive (non-Oscar-related) marketing campaigns for a Canadian film I've witnessed since starting this blog. Part of me wants to say that if you don't go see The Grand Seduction then you're part of the problem. However, as CFR notes in its farewall, it takes a lot more than a few passionate supporters to give the Canadian film scene the shot in the arm it needs.

The main reason I keep at this here blog is to help create exposure for Canadian films, so it makes me sad to see one of my peers close up shop. However, I must congratulate the Canadian Film Review team for all they've done to make audiences aware of all the great Canadian films that are out there. You'll be missed!