CFI Presents the Ecuador Film Series in Ottawa June 5-7

In the Name of the Girl
Fans of the Latin American Film Festival may enjoy a second helping of Ecuadorian films this week as the Canadian Film Institute (CFI), in collaboration with the Embassy of Ecuador in Ottawa, presents the Ecuador Film Series beginning June 5th. The series opens with the Canadian premiere of The Facilitator (El Facilitador) directed by Víctor Arregui. On June 7th, the CFI invites cinephiles for back-to-back screenings of Deporting Prometeo (Prometeo Deportado) by Fernando Mieles and In the Name of the Girl (En el nombre de la hija) by Tania Hermida. Girl was Ecuador’s offering at this year’s LAFF and its return to Library and Archives Canada gives local cinephiles a second chance to catch this delightful crowdpleaser. The Embassy of Ecuador will also host a wine and cheese reception between the two films on Saturday the 7th, if one needs an added incentive!

The programme for the Ecuador Film Series is as follows:       

The Facilitator (El Facilitador)

Dir. Víctor Arregui | 2013 | 83 min.
Thursday, June 5 at 7:00 PM

Synopsis: Elena comes back to Ecuador to help her father overcome his illness. She spends most of her time between drugs and alcohol. While visiting her grandpa in the Andes Elena gets involved in the fight for water access in an indigenous community. She gradually understands that among family secrets, corruption and dark perversions commitment and beauty can emerge.

Deporting Prometeo (Prometeo Deportado)

Dir. Fernando Mieles | 2009 | 113 min.

Synopsis: In an unidentified European airport, travellers from the European Union gain entry into the country unhindered while the "others" are made to wait. In this dark and quirky human comedy, all Ecuadorian travellers are singled out and arrested at customs, then removed to a holding cell to await deportation. As the detainees grow in number—there are no return flights—it becomes apparent that, despite appearances, each has something to hide. Soon the holding cell becomes a kind of mini-nation, a surrogate Ecuador with its own sense of law and order cemented by the mysterious illusionist, Prometeo

In the Name of the Girl (En el nombre de la hija)

Dir. Tania Hermida | 2013 | 108 min.

Review: "In the Name of the Girl is a subtle, natural, and realistic film driven by plot, character, and substance. Director Tania Hermida displays a natural hand at minimal aesthetics and she boldly relies on her cast of very young actors to carry the film. She mostly succeeds, as the kids bring a playful innocence to the roles. It feels as if none of them, even Manuela, truly grasps the gravity of the words they speak. Nor should they, really, because pre-adolescent kids shouldn't be worrying about being the next Che Guevara when they could be having fun." (Full LAFF review.)

All screenings include English subtitles will take place at the Auditorium at 395 Wellington St. in Ottawa.
Tickets for each film are $12 for the general public and $8 for members, seniors, and students. Tickets can be purchased on-site each night of the Festival.

The Ecuador Film Series runs June 5 & 7.

Please visit www.cfi-icf.ca for more information.