Ottawa International Animation Festival Announces Short Animation and Series for Kids Competition

"The Christmas Log"
The Ottawa International Animation Festival has the first set of shorts that will be screening at the festival come September. OIAF recently announced the finalists for the competition of Short Films for Kids and Series for Kids. The two line-ups include a variety of animated shorts from around the world with a heavy dose of France, especially in the Series for Kids competition. Series for Kids competition also includes a return from last year’s winner in the category, JG Quintel, who brings another entry from The Regular Show (“The Last Laserdisc Player”). The competition also includes an entry from two directors of the recent Oscar-nominee Ernest and Celestine, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, with “The Christmas Log” from A Town Called Panic.

The selected films are as follows.

Short Films for Kids:
-My Mom is an Airplane (Yulia Aronova, Russia/USA)
-Spoon (Yikun Wang, Japan)
-Zebra (Julia Ocker, Germany)
-La petite casserole d'Anatole / Anatole's Little Saucepan (Eric Montchaud, France)
-Der kleine Vogel und das Eichhörnchen / The Little Bird and the Squirrel (Lena von Döhren, Switzerland)
-Didochok zadumav zhenytisja / The Old Man Decided to Marry (Yuriy Borysenko, Ukraine)
-Den magiske tiden / The Magic Time (Kine Aune, Norway)
-Cowboydrøm / Cowboy Dream (Lars Hegdal, Norway)
-Vol au Vent  (Isabel Bouttens, Belgium)
-The Fish-Tailed Girl (Serhiy Melnichenko, Ukraine)
-Strawberry Girl Finds a True Friend (Anthony Dusko, USA)

Series for Kids:
-Les Larmes du Crocodile (Agnés Lecreux, Steven De Beul & Ben Tesseur; France)
-Chomozem / Black Soil (Stepan Koval, Ukraine)
-Das Huhn auf meiner Schmusedecke / Patchwork Chicken (Angela Steffen and Andreea Deppert, Germany)
-La Bûche de Noël / The Christmas Log (Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, Belgium/France)
-Le Parfum de la carotte (Arnaud Demuynck & Rémi Durin, France)
-Regular Show – “The Last Laserdisc Player” (JG Quintel, USA)

Both categories will be judged by a jury of local children between the ages of 8 and 11. OIAF notes that animation enthusiasts can apply for the Kids Jury contest by submitting a one-page essay about their favourite animation film/character, a video recording or an animation film using an Ipad app. Please see www.animationfestival.ca for more details.

The 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival runs September 17-21.