CdnFilm at TIFF: New Clips from 'October Gale' and 'Wet Bum'

Patricia Clarkson and Scott Speedman star in Ruba Nadda's October Gale.
We have first looks for two Canadian films making their world premieres at TIFF 2014! First clips were released today for Ruba Nadda’s October Gale, which reunites her with the great Patricia Clarkson after their TIFF 2009 winner for Best Canadian Film, Cairo Time. October Gale continues Nadda’s turn into thriller territory following 2012’s Inescapable. If the first look at a strong, gun-totin’ Patricia Clarkson isn’t enough to entice you to catch a screening of October Gale at TIFF, well, shame on you.

Also among today’s sneak peeks is the quirky Wet Bum, which remains in a tight race for best title of the festival with A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence. Wet Bum screens in the Discovery programme with the delightful short Red Alert and it marks the feature debut of director Laura Mackay and a much-buzzed turn by TIFF rising star Julia Sarah Stone. This swimmingly striking new clip from Wet Bum promises a unique visual style and approach to the age-old coming of age story. And the soundtrack featuring Smoke & Jackal seems pretty great!

Take a look!

October Gale
Synopsis: Helen, a doctor mourning the sudden passing of her beloved husband, has retreated to their beautiful island cabin to put his things in order. Unable and unwilling to return to her job and normal life in the city, she stays alone at the remote cabin. When a small boat washes up on her shore carrying a mysterious man unconscious and bleeding from a gunshot wound Helen pulls him in and saves him, leaving her alone with this unknown and potentially dangerous stranger. Starring Patricia Clarkson, Scott Speedman and Tim Roth.

Wet Bum
Synopsis: It's the start of the spring term in a small northern town, heralding swimming lessons, hanging out with best friends, new classes and new possibilities. But this year, things are different for 14-year-old Sam. While her friends are moving on, focusing on boys, experimenting with drugs, Sam is too uncomfortable to even take off her bathing suit in front of the other girls. After landing herself into trouble, she is forced to work as a cleaner at the retirement home run by her mother. Sam finds unexpected and unlikely friendships with two of the retirement home's residents who end up teaching Sam a few things about growing up and growing old. Starring 2014 TIFF Rising Star Julia Sarah Stone, Kenneth Welsh, Leah Pinsent and Craig Arnold.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs Sept. 4-14.
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