Award Winners for the 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival

Hipopotamy. Photo courtesy of OIAF.
The awards were handed out tonight for the 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival. The ceremony took place at St. Brigid's Centre for the Arts where festivalgoers enjoyed beers in a church while they applauded the winners. There are some great choices in the bunch, especially Seth' Dominion, Priorities, Lesley the Pony has an A+ Day, and 1000 Plateaus.  The list of winners is as follows:
-Grand Prize for Independent Short Animation: Hipopotamy (As the winner of this category, the film is now eligible for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards.) Runner up (or 'special shout out' since runner ups are discouraged in this category: Butter Ya' Self
-Grand Prize for Feature Animation: Seth's Dominion (unanimous)
-Best Experimental/Abstract Animation: Eager, Runner up: Totem
-Best Narrative Animation:  Marilyn Myller, runners up: Phantom Limb, Me and My Moulton
-Best Promotional Animation: Holland Animation Film Festival 'Film Festival Leader', runner up: Fight
-Best Television Animation Made for Adults: Crime: The Animated Series Runner-up: Heaven's Countryland Part 1: The Story of King Jong Un
-Best Short Animation Made for Kids: Magic Time. Runners-up: A Fish-tailed Girl, Anatole's Little Saucepan.
-Best Animated Series for Kids: Les larmes du crocodile. Runner up: The Last Laserdisc Player
-Animation School Showreel: Rhode Island School of Design. Runner up:Tokyo School for the Arts
-Best Music Video Animation: Unity, runner up: Moving On
-Best Undergraduate Animation: Lesley the Pony has an A+ Day
-Best Graduate Animation: Things Don't Fit, runners up: Somewhere, Crazy Little Thing
-Best High School Animation: Priorities, runner up: Dance of Death
-Best Canadian Student Animation:  Soup aux carrotes. runners-up:  Montreal Rush, Lucy and the Limbs.
-CFI Award for Best Canadian Animation: 1000 Plateaus, runners-up: Mtl Rush, Soif
-Sony Pictures Public Prize: We Can't Live without Cosmos

See the winners when they screen Sunday, September 21 at The ByTowne at 7:00pm and 9:15pm.
Congrats to all!