Listen to the Canadian Screen Award Nominees for Original Song

The Valley Below. Photo by Paul Chirka
Okay, so we’ve all listened to “Everything is Awesome” more times than is commonly reasonable and we have debated whether “Lost Stars” is better in the acoustic Keira Knightley version or the power ballad by Adam Levine, but now it’s time to listen to the playlist of Canuck contenders. The five songs nominated for Achievement in Music – Original Song at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards are an eclectic bunch. The five songs feature lyrics in English, French, and Hindi with some funky ditties and soulful ballads from films that mostly flew under the radar this year. No camp songs from Stage Fright, no musical numbers from Bang Bang Baby, and no tracks from Violent’s We Are the City (maybe next year?), and no Best Film nominees in the bunch. Good job seeking out these little films, voters! Have a listen and let us know which nominee gets your vote!

“Dal Makhani” by Manjeet Ral from Dr. Cabbie:

“Whisper in Me” by Ian LeFeuvre from Dirty Singles:

“Road to Rainbow’s End” by Lewis Furey from Love Project

“Danse Elegante” by Patric Caird and Sonya Cote from Tru Love

And, my favourite, from one of the Canadian films I was sad to miss at TIFF:

“Wants” by Dan Mangan from The Valley Below:

*The Valley Below kicks off a new national event screening series, The Canadian Indie Film Series, and screens in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Ottawa starting March 6th.

Which song gets your vote?