'Mommy', 'Tu dors Nicole' and Xavier Dolan Lead the Nominations for Quebec's Prix Jutra

Xavier Dolan and Suzanne Clément prepare for an intense scene in Mommy.
Photo: Shane Laverdière
A tight awards started in Quebec starting today. The nominations for the annual Prix Jutra, which honour the best in Québécois cinema, were announced today. Leading the pack with a whopping 10 nominations apiece are Mommy, Tu dors Nicole, and—get this—Xavier Dolan. (Mommy comes on strongest with an additional prize for top box office.) Dolan’s scored ten noms thanks to the strong presence of both Mommy and Tom at the Farm, netting multiple nominations for writing and directing, plus editing, costumes, and special prizes, although he missed out on acting nominations for both Tom and Miraculum, which could have actually made him the overall leader at the party. He’ll either have a very good night at the awards ceremony or cancel himself out and let Tu dors Nicole sweep the prizes.

The Jutras honour the best films released theatrically in Quebec and don’t permit crossover from unreleased festival films, which explains why several of last year’s s Screen Award nominees (ex: Tom, Maïna) are present here, while other notable festival hits (ex: Felix and Meira, Elephant Song) are not. The awards also included Quebec talents working in other Canadian films outside La belle province, which explains the seemingly scattered support for Enemy.

It’s a strong batch of nominations overall with few curious omissions save for Tu dors Nicole’s Marc-André Gagnon, who’s been quite popular for his performance in Tu dors Nicole, and Carlo Carangelo in the supporting race given the overall support for 1987. I’d liked to have seen more acting kudos for Miraculum, especially for Marilyn Castonguay for Best Actress, but I can’t really complain since I’m rooting for Anne Dorval.

Les nominations!

Meilleur film / Best Film
3 histoires d'Indiens

Meilleure réalisation
Xavier Dolan, Mommy
Xavier Dolan, Tom at the Farm
Stéphane Lafleur, Tu dors Nicole
Robert Morin, 3 histoires d'Indiens
Denis Villeneuve, Enemy

Meilleure actrice
Julianne Côté, Tu dors Nicole
Anne Dorval, Mommy
Laurence Lebeouf, La petite reine
Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu, Quèst-ce qu’on fait ici
Lise Roy, Tom at the Farm

Meilleur acteur
Walter Borden, Gerontophilia
Jean-Carl Boucher, 1987
Guy Nadon, L’ange gardien
Antoine Olivier Pilon, Mommy
Patrice Robitaille, La petite reine

Meilleure actrice de soutien
Dalal Ata, Arwad
Sandrine Bisson, 1987
Evelyne Brochu, Tom at the Farm
Suzanne Clément, Mommy
Catherine St-Laurent, Tu dors Nicole

Meilleure acteur de soutien
Robert Aubert, Miraculum
Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Tom at the Farm
Patrick Hivon, L’ange gardien
Francis La Haye, Tu dors Nicole
Stephen McHattie, Meetings with a Young Poet

Meilleur scénario
Xavier Dolan, Mommy
Xavier Dolan, Michel Marc Bouchard, Tom at the Farm
Stéphane Lafleur, Tu dors Nicole
Robert Morin, 3 histoires d'Indiens
Ricardo Trogi, 1987

Meilleure direction de la photographie
Henri Henri

Meilleure direction artistique
Henri Henri

Meilleur son
La petite reine
3 histoires d'Indiens

Meilleur montage
3 histoires d'Indiens
La petite reine

Meilleure musique originale

Meilleurs costumes
Henri Henri

Meilleur maquillage
La garde
Henri Henri

Meilleure coiffure
Henri Henri
Love Projet

Meilleur long métrage documentaire
Autoportrait sans moi
Bà nôi
De prisons en prisons
Le mystère Macpherson

Meilleur court ou moyen métrage de fiction
Suivre la piste du renard
Toutes des connes

Meilleur court ou moyen métrage d’animation
Lucky and Finnegan
Nul poisson où aller

Film s’étant le plus illustré à i’extérieur du Québec (Film most honoured outside Quebec)

Jutra Billet d’or Cineplex (top grosser)