Trailer for Atom Egoyan's 'Remember'

A new trailer is out from Les Films Séville for Atom Egoyan’s upcoming film Remember. Remember, one of this blog's most anticipated titles of 2015, reunites Egoyan with Canada’s finest actor, Christopher Plummer, after working together on 2002’s Ararat. This new revenge thriller sees Plummer on a quest to settle the past and avenge his family against the Nazi who killed . Egoyan’s been a bit off his game lately with Devil’s Knot and The Captive (the latter of which even I didn’t see), but Remember certainly looks promising. The film was recently cited in an exclusive scoop by Screen as one of the potential films by Canadian directors that the Toronto International Film Festival is circling for opening night. Other rumours include Deepa Mehta’s Beeba Boys, Jean-Marc Vallée’s Demolition and Paul Gross’s Hyena Road. Is Egoyan the one to kick off TIFF’s 40th birthday party?

Synopsis: Remember is the contemporary story of Zev, (Academy Award® Winner Christopher Plummer), who discovers that the Nazi guard who murdered his family some 70 years ago is living in America under an assumed identity.  Despite the obvious challenges, Zev sets out on a mission to deliver long-delayed justice with his own trembling hand. What follows is a remarkable cross-continent road-trip with surprising consequences.

Starring: Christopher Plummer, Dean Norris, Martin Landau, Sofia Wells, Henry Czerny, Bruno Ganz

Remember will be released in Canada by eOne Films and Les Films Séville in 2015