Ottawa Int'l Animation Festival Announces Feature Films

Over the Garden Wall
The first films are out for this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival! OIAF released the titles for the 2015 feature competition, and this year’s festival features a trio of films that offer a range of animated art for Ottawa filmgoers. The line-up for the competitive programme includes the 2D computer animated Over the Garden Wall (a popular Cartoon Network miniseries), the mixed form docu-drama The Magic Mountain (which looks really impressive), and the devilish Spanish farce Possessed (which looks really fun). More titles will be announced soon when the shorts competitions and showcases fill up with animated oddities from around the world!

The OIAF 2015 features are:

Over the Garden Wall
Dir. Patrick McHale
USA/South Korea | 2014 | 110 min.
Synopsis: Over the Garden Wall is Cartoon Network’s first animated mini-series event that tells the story of two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who find themselves lost in a strange forest. With the help of a bluebird named Beatrice, they must travel across this strange land in hope of finding their way home.

The Magic Mountain (La montagne magique)
Dir. Anca Damian
Romania/France/Poland | 2015 | 87 min.
Synopsis: In the form of an animated docu-drama, the biography of Adam Jacek Winker wonders through nearly half a century of history. A Polish refugee in Paris, Adam lived a boundless life, wanting to change the world. His adventurous life takes a radical turn in the 80s, as he visions himself a knight of the 20th century and leaves France to fight with both amateurism and courage, alongside commander Massoud against the Soviets in Afghanistan. In the light of September 11th, 2001, his fate mirrors the individual's destiny in relation with the history unfolding and also the introspection of a man on his own fate.

Possessed (Pos Eso)
Dir. Sam Orti
Spain | 2015 | 82 min. | Ontario Premiere
Synopsis: Trini, the world famous flamenco dancer, has been deeply depressed and has abandoned the stage. Damian, her 8-year-old son, is possessed by a malicious devil that makes him do the most bloody and cruel misdeeds.

The 2015 Ottawa International Animation Festival runs Sept. 16-20, 2015.
Please visit www.animationfestival.ca for more info.