Show Off You Canadian Film Smarts and Win an Ambassador Membership to the Canadian Film Institute

Can you identify this Canadian film?

Time to show off your Canadian film smarts! The Canadian Film Institute is giving away an Ambassador-level membership to the first lucky film buff who correctly identifies all 32 films in the CFI’s 80th anniversary trailer. The Ambassador Membership, valued at $250.00, offers free admission to all CFI events and festivals for a whole year! (For the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ambassador Members receive a complimentary OIAF 6-Pack Admission.)

Avid readers will recognize some of the top Canuck flicks highlighted on this blog in posts like the Top Ten Canadian films of all time or the annual Top Ten Canadian Film lists. (If you can’t pick out the film pictured above, then I’ve totally failed in this endeavour.) For more clues, check out posts on CFI festivals and their series The Enlightened Screen. Best of luck and bon cinéma!

Please send your answers to CFI programmer Jerrett Zaroski at zaroski@cfi-icf.ca!

Find more info about CFI memberships here.