Lights! Camera! Cure! Announces Inaugural Line-up

The Casebook of Nips and Porkington
Another of the new events coming to the Ottawa film festival scene is Lights! Camera! Cure! The event, which is presented by Vixens Victorious Ottawa, a local group that raises awareness and raising financial support for cancer care, spotlights Canadian female filmmakers and raises funds for the Regional Cancer Foundation. The first wave of films announced for Lights! Camera! Cure! includes a mix of dramas, documentaries, animation, student films, and a cat lover's dream doc. The event kicks off Thursday, October 22 at Algonquin Commons Theatre with proceeds going to the Regional Cancer Foundation. October might be a busy month festival-wise in the 613, but lend your support to two good causes in one night!

The line-up for Lights! Camera! Cure! spotlights female filmmakers in the following films:

Little Goddess
 MJ Campos (Director)
Aira, Mother Nature's daughter, steals the Earth from the skies and it quickly becomes her favourite toy. After she goes to sleep, her Shadow emerges and tries to eat Earth, which causes them to fight.

Granny Baby
Eva Colmers (Writer/Director/Producer)
Young Jack is excited to finally pick up his new baby sister and Mom from the hospital. When he enters the busy waiting room, Jack bumps into an old, confused Granny. Nobody seems to notice her. Nobody seems to care. Jack wants to help her but how? A fictional story based on real events, Granny Baby looks at a serious issue in a light-hearted, creative way through the bright eyes of a child.

Marie-Helene Cournoyer (Director)
A cute wedding proposal goes big. The film was made at Concordia University, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, for the Film Animation Undergraduate program.

Trapped Girl
Catherine Fordham (Writer/Actor/Producer)
When the bathroom doorknob falls of, a girl is trapped inside. Beyond the door her life is falling apart and when she's set free hours later she finds herself stumbling into a new reality. A tragicomedy based on a real event, "Trapped Girl" explores the moments in our lives when the ground shifts and everything is heightened, scary, and full of possibilities.

The Cat's Inn
Claire Fraser (Director/Producer)
The Cat's Inn is a family run cat boarding facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this short documentary, we experience the daily routine of The Cat’s Inn, as we find ourselves exploring this unique facility from the feline perspective.

The Forest
Caity Hall (Director)
A little boy meets a mysterious forest girl, and their friendship unfolds as the seasons change.

Kellen Jackson (Writer/Director); Suzanne Friesen (Cinematogrpahy); Sasha Tomasky (Editor)
In hazy, sprawling farmlands, sisters Quin and Frances approach an emotional divide as secrets surrounding the nature of their surreal world begin to surface.
 Emily Langridge (Writer/Producer)
A woman with Alzheimer's encounters a man who claims to be her husband. What ensues is a beautiful moment of connection before the nurse returns

Just A Prayer
Farah Merani (Writer/Producer)
"Just A Prayer" is about Anita, a Muslim woman who seems to have everything, but who is deeply dissatisfied with her life and the path she sees ahead of herself. She makes a major decision that she believes will bring her happiness and opportunity, but that only brings her unexpected regret. Anita finds solace through a Catholic group, and a few years later, we find her living in a convent as a novitiate. The film is grounded in the present, but flows between her life now as a novice, and the events of five years ago.

Simone Stock (Writer/Director/Producer)
Devoted teenage boyfriend Marshall worries his girlfriend Iris, who has Asperger's Syndrome, might be losing her grip on reality when she tells him she sees another world.

Tears of Inge
Alisi Telengut (Director/Animator)
A profound human-animal and human-nature relationship is represented by a painted world filled with a camel's emotion and tears. It is based on a real Mongolian nomadic story narrated by my grandmother.

The Casebook of Nips and Porkington
Melody Wang (Director)
The Casebook of Nips and Porkington is an animated short about two members of the constabulary and their quest to return a kidnapped egg to its distraught parents.

780 St. Remi
Karen Vanderborght (Director/Producer) A poetic goodbye to the director's first official address in Canada, before it is erased from the records to make way for a concrete cathedral for cars, the Turcot interchange.

Tickets are on sale and can be purchased online at www.algonquinsa.tcketly.com or Algonquin’s ticket box office, located at 1385 Woodroffe Ave. Tickets are $50.00 (+ surcharges) and proceeds will go to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Lights! Camera! Cure! screens Oct. 22.
Please visit vixensvictorious.ca for more information.