Happy Birthday, Meryl Streep!

Hi, You've reached Meryl and Don. We're not home right now, but leave us a message after the tone and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


[Me, awkward, as one always is on messages]: Oh, hi Meryl! I just wanted to call and say hi and wish you happy birthday since it's your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Big 6-7.

Anyways, being on the phone reminded me about that part in Adaptation. where you're high on orchids and brushing your teeth and stuff. It was really funny. That was definitely the movie that made me such a fan. Oh, I'm babbling...
Anyways, I sent you some orchids for your birthday so hopefully you or the butler are in to get them. Enjoy them, snort them, whatever. It's your birthday: make fun choices!

See you at brunch on Sunday!


[dial tone]