Moving On

This post is just a quick note to say that I am retiring Cinemablographer. You have probably noticed that this blog has not been active since last summer, but I just want to make the news official.


I started this blog ten years ago as a place to cover Canadian films and independent cinema, and while I really loved getting to meet filmmakers, write about their movies, and spotlight their creativity I am moving on from this blog mainly to purse freelance work and work/life balance, among other reasons. Thank you to everyone I met along the way, both in person and online, and to everyone whose contribution made this such a rewarding experience—one I never expected when the blog first began. Thank you to every film rep, festival, theatre, and helping hand that opened a door along the way. I hope we continue to work together as new opportunities arise.


The review and interview archives will continue to be updated infrequently, as will my page at Rotten Tomatoes, but you can continue to read my work at other sites including POV, That Shelf, my irregular freelance gigs, and hopefully other outlets to come. Please feel free to drop my a line on Twitter and I hope to see you at the movies!


-Pat Mullen